Sunday, October 16, 2011

Get a perfect smile like me !


1. Practice makes perfect 
  • Keep smiling infront of the mirror to see how you look.
2. Smile like you mean it
  • Try closing your eyes when the cameraman goes 1, 2 and as he's about to click at 3, open your eyes and smile straight at the camera.
3. Do a smile before a shoot
  • Stretch your lips wide, then open your mouth to a big "O". Macam menjerit tu.
4. Prepare your pearly whites
  • When you smile, 1st thing people notice are your teeth. Make sure, you all kena la bersihkan dr cili-cili tersekat-sekat tu. hik hik. :D
Do i have an perfect smile?

Good Luck you all !


Thank you for your comment & support. Love you, *bighugs :)